The official celebration of the centennial of General Relativity was held on Tuesday, 23. June 2015.

The official proceedings book (in Serbian) can be downloaded here.

The GR100 programme and speakers are listed below. Lecture presentations are available for download.

     Photo of Djordje Sijacki      Academician Dr. Đorđe Šijački
GPF, Institute of Physics, Belgrade
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
     Albert Einstein - Leonardo da Vinci of the XX century physics          
     Photo of Aleksandar Belic      Dr. Aleksandar Belić
SCL, Institute of Physics, Belgrade
State Secretary, MESTD Serbia
     Welcome speech for the participants          
     Photo of Milutin Blagojevic      Prof. Dr. Milutin Blagojević
GPF, Institute of Physics, Belgrade
     A Short History of Gravitation      presentation     
     Photo of Branislav Cvetkovic      Dr. Branislav Cvetković
GPF, Institute of Physics, Belgrade
     General Relativity - Introduction, Overview and Perspectives      presentation     
     Photo of Dusko Latas      Dr. Duško Latas
GPF, Faculty of Physics, Belgrade
     Experimental Confirmations of General Relativity      presentation     
     Photo of Bojan Nikolic      Dr. Bojan Nikolić
GPF, Institute of Physics, Belgrade
     Gravitational Waves - What is Waving?      presentation     
     Photo of Dejan Stojkovic      Prof. Dr. Dejan Stojković
SUNY, University at Buffalo
     The Standard Model of Cosmology      presentation     
     Photo of Marija Dimitrijevic      Prof. Dr. Marija Dimitrijević Ćirić
GPF, Faculty of Physics, Belgrade
     Interstellar and General Relativity - Where Science Fiction Meets Science      presentation     
     Photo of Voja Radovanovic      Prof. Dr. Voja Radovanović
GPF, Faculty of Physics, Belgrade
     Quantum Gravity      presentation     
     Photo of Leonardo Castellani      Prof. Dr. Leonardo Castellani
MFN, Facoltà di Scienze, Alessandria
INFN, University of Turin
     Gravity Under the Microscope      presentation